Sunday, May 2, 2010

SPA- Sewing

I learned to do hand sewing when I was a Girl Scout--even got the badge!I took machine sewing lessons when I was 13--and made most of my clothes until I was out of college--and taught my mother and sister to sew too! I loved sewing, all kinds and made some unique and funky clothes and toys for my daughter, quilts and other stuff. I always had a sewing room.
Sad to say, when we moved to Boston I lost my sewing room--my machine is tucked away in a closet, and my much diminished fabric stash is in bins in the basement {SIGH}
I miss it sometimes.
So here's a bit of nostalgia for me...
made with elements from Cynthia Powell studios (silk fabric texture); T4l; Gaby Braun; elements from Songbird Avenue kits, Ms jordan's Lazy Sofa Days and HZ designs. The paper pattern was googled and the main image is from a vintage sewing machine ad. Some Photoshop brushes completed the nostalgic feel.


  1. Beautifull piece!
    Like the brown background in combination with the colors of the girl, a happy piece!

  2. I love the layers you used, almost 3 d!
    great collage!

  3. A very joyful postcard, beautifully nostalgic.

  4. Your postcard is beyond gorgeous, dear Linda!
    Fantastic piece of art!

  5. What a gorgeous vintage poscard

  6. Absolutely beautiful postcard; super digital art work.

  7. What a wonderful nostalgic piece Linda- I got that Girl Scout badge too! I didn't sew as much as you but today I love to do art quilts- (when I can find the time and usually in the winter for some reason). This postcard has so many charming elements- superbly designed and a wonderful entry!

  8. This is beautiful, Linda. I love the vintage look and the depth you have created.