Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Art on the Dark Side--Ghost Whisperer

I was inspired by this challenge to use an old photo of a mother and daughter. They look so sad.
I thought about them being separated by death, and believe that they would whisper to each other across the void.
I separated the two in the photo, and added the father from an old cabinet card freebie from somewhere. Don't you love the way he seems to be holding her--that was truly just serendipity. Other images are from Dover and the fantastically eerie background is by Irene2005 at T4L. The bits of text and the smoke around the little ghost are Photoshop brushes.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a sad piece. You evoked exactly the feelings you were looking for!!

  2. Linda, this is wonderful. Until I read what you had to say under the picture, I assumed that the couple was one image and it is, indeed, amazing how his arm is wrapped around her. This is sad and touching but very beautiful. Great work.
    (Thanks for your kind comment on mine).

  3. Such a melancholy piece. I really like it.