Sunday, May 16, 2010

I made a Photoshop Brush!

I know, I know, this is old hat to most of you, and it's not even my first one, but it's Bunnie, and he is so pleased.
I made a postcard with him, using a background paper from Cottage Arts ( a great site with beautiful digital papers and elements for scrapbooking and digital art. There are also some great freebies, and free tutorials for photoshop. I also used a calligraphy alphabet from Graphics Fair and some other brushes. The quote is about Spring--lovely, eh.


  1. Hi Linda,
    First I love your "tick tock" piece- you captured her expression perfectly! And this is a wonderful signature brush for you( rich and vintage). Thanks for the reference to the digital supply site- I will check it out. Happy Sunday!

  2. lovely!!!!!
    I don't know how to do make a brush and think I might try now!!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Well I am impressed! I don't have the faintest idea how to do this! I love bunny!!