Sunday, May 30, 2010


Insects! Such an interesting theme. I notice that insects-and some of their parts- often show up in mixed media and digital art. Butterflies, moths and dragonflies abound, as do their wings and antennae. The urge to "fly away" is such a universal one. The busy Bee is also a recurring element, and the occasional spider and beetle make an appearance.
I was searching for an insect image I hadn't already used in my art and came across this luminous Luna Moth. If you've never seen one, they are a gorgeous pearly pale green. With the moon just past full last night, and on my mind, I had my inspiration.
Thanks to Collage Images Flickr Group for the moth, and to Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations, and Boccacino at T4L for texture and background pieces. I also used some grunge and text Photoshop brushes.


  1. Linda, this is fantastic! What a great inspiration piece!

  2. This is so beautiful and peaceful!

  3. So so beautiful.
    I love them.

  4. Oh this is great - love the moths and the effect you've created with the moon...lovely!

    Cindy :)

  5. Truly beautiful card, Linda, exquisite art on your blog!

  6. Wonderful Luna moth- a beautifully composed and layered postcard Linda- dreamlike!