Sunday, May 30, 2010

Darkness Inspiration--Magic

Here's my entry for the recent Darkness Inspiration Challege--Magic. I love the idea of magic--not necessarily the stage magician type, but also the ancient "magick", full of the power of the Goddess and created from the fruits of the earth.
I love to imagine the "sisterhood" of those times--when women were linked by the mysteries of the moon and the seasons, of birth and death, past and future.
Here is a portrait of such a "sister;" a priestess of the Goddess and keeper of Magick.
Thanks to the folks at Textures for Layers for all the background layers, and to Elizabeth at the Last Door Down the Hall, a lovely blog full of art, wisdom,free images, amazing photography and the ocassional free collage sheet--which is where this fascinating woman comes from.. The Runes and images are photoshop brushes by Stephanie Shimerda and JScully.