Saturday, May 22, 2010

4 x 4 Friday--Open Challenge--Make Art

Now THIS is a wide-open theme! Who really knows what art is, or how to create it... So I sbegan to scroll through all the bits I have accumulated looking for inspiration.
It came to me in the papers and pieces, including the "beauty" overlay, in the kits I have purchased from Songbird Avenue. If you don't know this site, the artist commmunity here produces a limited edition kit every month and sells it, and the profits go to support a charity. One of the kits I own, Port au Prince, supported disaster relief in Haiti. It's, if you'd like to visit.
Other elements came from Encounter_laura at T4L, the butterfly from Tomeki28 at Collage Images Flickr group, a good spot for free images. The alphabet is from Cottage Arts

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