Sunday, March 21, 2010

Serendipity--Photoshop Elements Layer Styles

Jeanette from Soartful asked me how I made the "cutouts" in this week's piece "Reverie"
It was done using the Eraser tool, set to a floral flourish brush, then a Simple Inner Bevel Layer style was applied to the layer.

The challenge group at Digital Whisper recently challenged us to learn how to create and to use watermarks on our pieces. I found the tutorial below, which makes a practically transparent watermark in PSE.

I tried changing the way the bevel or other style looks using the technique in the tutorial; clicking on the symbol that appears on the right side of the layer in the palette and adjusting the controls for direction of light, angle of bevel or shadow and whatever else is there.
Try it and see what you can do.

Sorry, I can't quite figure out how to add and active link here, so you'll have to cut and paste...

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  1. This is so cool! It makes you smile when you look at it I don't know anything about PS but when ever I see something like this I always think I have to get started. Well i'm off to check out your link
    thanks for the tute.