Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing with Photoshop

I recently downloaded a bunch of free photoshop brushes from and decided to play with them. I had them listed alphabetically in a file so I just started with the first set went through most of them, taking random bits to see what I could make. At the same time I decided to go monochrome, so it wouldn't be quite so busy. I picked a random spot on the bar of the color picker, then a random light shade from the left side of the monochrome square. I darkened the values as I went along by moving the picker straight downward a bit at a time.
Mauve was first, and was all done on one layer. Green was next and I used two layers only so I could reverse the fish in the middle.
It was big, arty fun!


  1. These are fabulous Linda. I am trying to learn photoshop myself so its great to see you have achieved such great results ... it gives me hope!

  2. Yes, they are fabulous. If you didn't mention that they were Photoshop brushes, I would have thought they were crafter's stamps. I have taught myself how to make my own PS brushes which is very easy once you know how. This is especially useful with faces and such as the process makes the images semi-transparent, meaning that the layers underneath show through. Free-to-use black and white pen drawings make great PS brushes.

  3. Very nice work! I would love to learn photoshop...I still use my old Microsoft software to do digital collages, but I feel so aniquated in doing so. Great job!

  4. Beautiful work Linda- what fun brushes and images! Have a great weekend!