Saturday, April 3, 2010

Seven Gifts # 5 Respect for the Power of your Imagination

It's been a while since I have visited the seven gifts that come from working from your inner world. Here is my interpretation of gift # 5: respect for the power of your imagination.
Imagination is such a Pandora's box--we don't always know what's in there, or in what form it will be as it emerges. I think we humans often loose touch with our imagination as we become adults and take our places in the world. The freedom to imagine "anything and everything" that we have as children is often set aside as the responsibility and "mishegas" (a Yiddish word that neans craziness) of day to day life take over.
Each one of us needs to respect our imagination and make time in our busy, busy lives to open that box every once in a while and see what comes out--pick up a camera, or a paintbrush--even if you just paint your front door or your toenails red, or purple--sit under a tree and listen to the world and let thoughts wander. It doesn't matter HOW you open the box.

Background papers are from Songbird Avenue's kit, Light the Night, the face--I love this face-- is by Pink Sherbert Photography and is from a Creative Commons Flickr group. The box was Googled, the bird is from the Feathered Nest and the butterfly from Digital Whisper, The rest is blending and Photoshop brushes


  1. Just GORGEOUS Linda!!!!! I'm so glad you could use the little bird....and this post is so wonderful to me ~ it speaks so true as our imaginations are beautiful things that we should nurture and cherish! Have a wonderful Easter, hugs and love, Dawn