Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday it was my birthday
I hung one more year on the line
I should be depressed
My life's a mess (SO NOT TRUE!!!)
But i'm having a good time

Oo, i've been loving and loving and loving
I'm exhausted from loving so well
I should go to bed
But a voice in my head
Says "ah, what the hell"

Have a good time
Have a good time
Have a good time, Baby
Having a good time
(with apologies to Paul Simon)

Yesterday was my 59th birthday. Yes, 59

I was having a difficult time dealing with being on the cusp of "OLD", and apparently it showed all over me last week. I was sad; I was a little depressed; I was...I don'e even know what.
But, my wonderful, amazing husband reminded me that only 6 years ago, when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and rushed into surgery, we were hoping that I would even HAVE another birthday.

What a "smack upside the head" that was and on Friday morning I had a much better outlook, and now am ready to shoot for one hundred and ten!

The lovely, sweet women I work with brought me beautiful cupcakes and sang for me; my dear man booked us 2 nights in a hotel with a Jacuzzi (!!!; we dined at our old favorite restaurant with our daughter and son-in-law (who, only days before, had completed his Masters degeee; we saw Johnny Depp in 3D in Alice in Wonderland.

All in all, I'm "having a good time..."

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  1. Well Happy Bithday Linda and your amazing story of surviving cancer is an inspiration to us all! It sounds like you have a wonderful support system and that is half the battle won. I'm 55 and I understand the ageing thing(there are good days and bad ones) but I have lost friends already and try to put things into perspective. As always thank you for your lovely comments and I'm so glad to have found your lovely blog and artwork- your work is always a joy to see!