Sunday, February 27, 2011

Take a Word--Exotic

Another fascinating theme this week. I find, as I evolve as a digital artist that I enjoy the "theme" challenges far more that the ones where the image is provided. I am learning to take a theme and run with it, thinking and creating outside the box...It's certainly harder, but more fun!

So here are my Exotic Birds.
The white Peacock is a public domain image from Wikimedia; the bird of paradise flower is a botanical image altered a bit with blending modes and layering.
The background was made with many bits from Jerry Jones, who is the person behind Skeletalmess, Shadowhouse Creations and My Second Skin Collections. He generously shares his amazing textures, brushes and tutorials with everyone. If you don't know this guy's amazing work, check him out!
Other bits from Witchy13's Dirty Grunge Papers collection.


  1. Love the 'bird of paradise' flowers, Linda, such exotic colours against your beautiful b/g!

  2. Not quite speechless thank goodness, or I might not be able to tell you this is a mind blowingly fabulous exotic collage. Scrumptious.

  3. This is such a beautiful combination - bird and flower. Very creative. I heartily agree about creating a suggested theme, as opposed to a provided image. It allows a bit more originality, I think, although the images can be challenges too. At any rate, you have a winner here!

  4. That is so lush! Peacocks are such vain creatures - this one will be squaking about his beauty here for weeks!!

  5. This is gorgeous Linda and I'm with you on choosing your own imagery. It is enough of a challenge to have a theme word and sometimes the given image just doesn't speak to you. Love your elements in this piece!

  6. Wow. Exotic it is!!!! Truly colourful and exotic!
    Sue xx