Monday, February 7, 2011

Take a Word--Blackbird

Corvus Corax--the Raven
Image from Google Images, as are the grapes.
Backgrounds made with bits from Encounter Laura at T4L and a rusty crackle piece from Elizabeth at Last Door Down the Hall


  1. A love your creation here, because I love this family of birds. We don't have many ravens where I live, but we have hundreds of rooks and I adore them. The noise they make remind me wonderful childhood holidays in the country.

    LOvely work!

    Sue xx

  2. This is just perfect, Linda - stunning work!

  3. This is outstanding, Linda! The crackle effect really sets it off, and overall it's one of my favorites!

  4. A handsome fellow against a beautiful background! Wonderful entry Linda!

  5. This is a perfect interpretation on this week's theme Linda. Everything fits together so beautifully and I love that crackle background.

  6. You raven looks fabulous, wonderful card.