Saturday, February 19, 2011

4 by 4 Friday--Tiny Fairy

How can anyone resist this theme? Putting wings on tiny children--it just makes me happy.
I love this illustration, a freebie from The Feathered Nest. If you've never been there, you should visit. Dawn's artwork is wonderfully shabby chic, and there are art freebies and tutorials for how to create some of her treasures. All of you who are "hands-on" artists will love it.
The background is made with paper from Songbird Avenue's Light the Night Kit, textures from Tanya at T4L and a couple of my own, embellished with brushes and selective erasing.
Brushes are from three of my favorite sets, Poldersky, 82nds of Light and Grunge set 2 by Skeletalmess at Shadowhouse.
You may recognize the quote from Walt Disney's Cinderella.


  1. Absolutely charming. I agree, what's not love about little angel wings on sweet young things. I love it.