Monday, February 21, 2011

Alphabet Inspired-I is for Invention and J is for Japanese

I is for Invention
Background bits from Google Images and the Graphics Fairy. The main image is an old piece I found online in my earliest days collecting images. I even copied it onto a word document instead of saving it as a jpeg. I do love how it looks though.

J is for Japanese
In this case a geisha in a Japanese garden. All the images are from Dover except the text, which was Googled. I'm always a little wary of using text when I really don't know what it says, but the original piece is pretty old and is in a museum in Japan, so I'm betting it's okay...


  1. Scarves Scarves
    These pictures really beautiful, in which station to collect it?Oh darling,what happy images. loved them.

  2. Love both of these. Tried to leave a comment yesterday, but my computer is playing it wouldn't let me.

    I love the way you make art digitally...I have great envy!!
    Sue xx