Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Muses Challenge-The Printed Word

Use the printed word somewhere in your piece. Sounds easy, no.
No, not so much this time; sometimes it's a struggle. I knew I wanted to use the Image Chef Word Mosiac tool in some way. I love that "word salad" effect, and when I found the photo in my collection it finally came together.
Thanks to Shadowhouse Creations and Cottage Arts for the background textures, Image Chef for the word mosiac generator tool and Smugmug, a site full of public domain photos for the photo of the children.


  1. This is absolutely superb, Linda! I love the Image Chef too, and thanks for the tip on Smugmug. You certainly made magic with this image. BRAVO!

  2. Oh I love your picture. Very cleverly created. It's beautiful Linda.xx

  3. Isn't that just how it goes sometimes Linda .... something you think will be easy, just will not come out right? Then all of a sudden you make a change and the whole thing falls into place!

    I usually think that is my Muse letting me know that that is not what she means and waits for me to eventually get it right.

    If it was your Muse Linda, she guided you to make the most stunning piece of art. Gentle soft colours, a lovely image of the children and your printed words so cleverly decorative. A big standing ovation from my corner.

  4. Hi Linda, I love your digital stamps below(how did I miss those)? And your entry for the Three Muses really evokes the feelings of another time, another era so perfectly. It is not always easy to incorporate words into collage and not have them look out of place. This piece is masterfully done and the words blend beautifully!. Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

  5. Hi Linda, hey you've really been busy! I love this printed word piece, and the witch, and the Marilyn too! One of my favorite 50's actresses was not a pin-up as such, but she was so drop-dead gorgeous, she should've been--Linda Darnell. A namesake, LOL!
    I didn't hear about the bat virus, I'll check it out online. I hope that's not what happened too!