Monday, September 13, 2010

Art on the Dark side--Haunted house

Well, it's really getting to be time to get our Halloween on! Dark and creepy challenges abound--not to mention Halloween all over the stores. Way too much chocolate on sale ...
So we are challenged to create a haunted house. I found this creepy old house on Google Images. I used a texture I made and a damaged film frame from Struckdumb at deviantart to really creepify it. I also made the skelton brush for the windows, and the eyes are-would you believe- a dingbat font called Eye Spy.

Happy Haunting!


  1. This is great Linda. Real creepy! We don't go to town over here for Halloween like you do in the States, decorating houses etc. Must be great fun.
    June xx

  2. ooo fabby love the skeletons in the windows x

  3. This is so kewl!!! Great work.

  4. This is fantastic. I love the image and the way you have treated it.
    When you say you used a texture that you made, what exactly did you mean? And is this a digital construction?
    Please excuse my ignorance, but I am really keen to know.
    Amazing art!!!

    Sue xx

  5. Hi Linda! Diane at Collagitation here, thanks for following my blog, and thanks to the intrepid Junibear for helping you find it! I see you are another digi-gal, I envy you folks who know how to do that! I'm old fashioned cut and paste. Your piece is very moody, and creepy--love those haunting eyes!