Saturday, September 18, 2010

Darkness Inspiration--Witch

Ah, Halloween, can't you feel it coming? There's a chill in the air (although the weather people tell us the 80's will return next week.) The quality of the daylight is changing. The light is more clear, the shadows more sharp and contrasty. The colors of Nature are beginning to shift to red and gold and rust and brown as the earth prepares to sleep.

And our thoughts turn to Halloween--to ghosts and witches and spooky stories, to vampires and werewolves and all manner of strangeness.

I love it!

I made this witch for the Darkness Inspiration Challenge. She's a witch in the old sense, acquainted with the powers of the earth and sky, and not afraid to use them for her purposes. She's as much about worship as she is about magic.

The image is from E-Vint free images. The background textures are from a great set by Witchy_13 that I found at The owl and moon is from Graphics Fairy, and the trees and arcane symbols are brushes.

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