Thursday, September 23, 2010

More from the Digital Montage Workshop

Here are a few more pieces using the techniques we're learning in the workshop. I the Virginia Woolf piect we experimented with using layer styles--drop shadows, bevels and special effects--on brush layers for dimension and depth.

The Paris piece is my example of a Magritte style piece using a brush I made and laying it out on a grid.

The dancer was created using a technique called "Thowing Paint." and Water Lilies was made using brushes as erasers on a screen layer .

Check out the Digital Montage Studio blog for information about the upcoming classes and also for information abour purchasing the files from the previous sessions when they become available.


  1. Lovely work!
    My favourite is the top one withh all those gorgeous flowers.
    Wish I could do these techniques!!
    Sue xx

  2. How wonderful to learn all these techniques and you have done it all so well! My fave is the flowers but they are all pretty spectacular. Hugs xx