Saturday, December 6, 2014

ihanna's Spotted Photo Theme--Winter Trees

This month's spotted photo theme at ihanna's blog is Winter Trees. I took these photos in 2010, in my neighborhood in Boston.

The first is a shot through the front windshield of the car while driving down the VFW Parkway (I wasn't driving).  The parkway's median strip and both sides are home to quite possibly hundreds of huge old oak trees.  It's a beautiful sight any time of the year.

This shot is the parkway again, this time a view down the sidewalk..

This one is a branch of the hydrangea tree that grows outside my front window,  the dried bloom is dusted with snow and framed against the winter sky.  It's one of those photos that I look at and think..."did I really take that..."


  1. Oh wow, such beautiful photos Linda! The theme is actually "christmas" but I tweeled it to be both Christmas & Winter trees! :)

  2. Beautiful wintry shots- mainly rain here in California. Things are getting greener though!

  3. Love these shots down the parkway. Just beautiful!

  4. P.S. and the hydrangea is perfectly dusted!

  5. LOVELY - visiting from Hanna..... great pics.