Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Take a Word--Angel

a little reminiscence...

My Mom loved Christmas above all other holidays.  In my earliest memories she would send my dad and me, ans as they came, my sister and brother, out in the first week of December with a detailed description of the Christmas tree she wanted.  My dad tried so hard, but some years he had to break out the saw and drill to "improve" our tree.  There are ornaments on my mom'c collection that are way older than me--including one that my dad made in grade school in the 1930's.

But, her favorite Christmas decoration of all was angels!

She had dozens, maybe hundreds (one year I gave her a set of 12 ceramic angel candle holders--they were cream colored and when holding red candles they graced a shelf for several years.  Over those years , our family members gifted her with new angels every year, ceramic, spun glass, wood, straw, cloth, yarn and anything an angel could be made of.  once I gave her one quite like this.

Every time I see Christmas angel these days I get a little teary, and a little smiley for my mom who is surely a Christmas angel in God's heaven.


  1. What wonderful memories for you!!!

  2. So many lovely memories. I hope the angels, and your mother especially, look after you this holly season!!!

  3. i remember the "pimp-the-tree" efforts of my father, too;) wonderful memories, and a treasure to Keep!

  4. Wow- I love this angel "Prim"- so beautiful and the meaning behind it so special. Great to visit your blog again Linda!