Monday, November 3, 2014

AEDM Day 3 Culture Day

According to my wall calendar, today is Culture Day in Japan.

When is Culture Day?

On 3 November, your colleagues in Japan celebrate Culture Day.  If 3 November falls on a weekend, then the following Monday will be a holiday.

History of Culture Day?

Culture Day, known as Bunka no hi, is a day to honor traditional Japanese culture and promote the love of freedom and peace. But that’s not all, 3 November also marks the day that the current Japanese constitution was officially announced in 1946, and was the birthday of Emperor Meiji.

How is Culture Day celebrated?

As part of the celebration of Culture Day, the Order of Culture Awards Ceremony takes place at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.  The awards are given to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Japanese culture or to society as a whole.  Past recipients include the three American astronauts who were aboard Apollo 11, Japanese artist Ikuo Hirayama, and poet Makoto Ooka.

Throughout the rest of the country, festivals and parades are held celebrating traditional Japanese customs.

the geisha and branch overlay are from Dover, the Kanji script was found on Wikimedia Commons, and the poster is a Japanese ad for facial cream


  1. You would think after making an entire book on Asia, I would have heard of Culture Day. But it was truly new to me. However, I simply ADORE your gorgeous artwork. thanks for sharing and enlightening me.

  2. great color combination and design!

  3. Beautiful images. Love the layers and the meaning you add to the layers.

    Many blessings to you!

  4. It is our culture day too. We have poetry day, children's day, black awareness day and so many others here Lovely post!

  5. I am in love with all the images you have collaged together!

  6. Happy day to all Japanese culture, that poster is beautiful!

  7. The geisha looks wistful -- as though she wishes she could be more modern, like the other women. The piece reminds me of an exhibit I saw last year called "Japan Art Deco". During the 1920s, artists in Japan made all kinds of cool art. The show travels, so it may come to an art museum near you.