Sunday, November 2, 2014

AEDM 2014 Day 2 Some Postcards

starting to make my postcards for ihanna's Winter postcard Swap...

torn magazine pages, old postage stamps and I made a packing tape transfer by sticking the tape to a used stencil and peeling off some of the leftover paint.

Torn and cut magazine pages, old postage stamp, punched circles, washi tape and more packing tape paint transfers.  The face, the red flowers, the black circles and the text are all from the same magazine page.


  1. Stunning use of packing tape. I always find great inspiration in magazine images. They make up so much of the art I create. You are starting off great. I look forward to seeing more and appreciate how much the recipients will enjoy their postcards.

  2. Very interesting designs. Great tip about the use of packing tape!

  3. Linda, these are amazing! I love what you've done. all of it. It's all my favourite.