Saturday, November 1, 2014

AEDM 2014 DAY !

Land of Enchantment

Art Every Day Month is back for 2014.  I'm playing this year again--I love the challenge of fitting a dedicated time to create a piece of art into every day.

Some days it's a digital piece like this one, made from a photo I took at Taos New Mexico several years ago, layered and filtered over some rusty background pieces from Textures 4 Layers on Flickr.
Some days it may be a postcard, or an ATC, or a journal entry.  Some days it may be a piece made for a challenge blog or swap

I hope I can keep it up.  It's a good practice and I hope some of you will play along.  There's a button on my sidebar that will take you to the AEDM blog where you can read all about the ways to play, or just click here.

Hope to see you over there!


  1. I know the amount of work that goes into digital art. I draw digitally, but I don't do complicated layers like you have. This is wonderful, such depth.

    1. Thanks also for your wonderful comments on my blog!

  2. I know nothing about digital art but I sure can appreciate the layers of texture and colors in this piece! Lovely...

  3. My good internet friend Karla B from Brazil (I'm sure you know her, too) worries that some people think digital art isn't really ART. I keep telling her that digital art is probably even MORE impressive to me, because I'm not good at this artform. I always love what you make, and this is no exception. Believe me, I'll be around some time every day to see what you are making.

  4. Nice to meet you through AEDM! This digital piece is gorgeous and a little magical as digital work always is!

  5. This is wonderful piece. The digital work enhances its "Taoness" I do lots of digital work too ... and I love to see what others are up to. Come visit my site.

  6. Linda - you and I cross paths a lot! I love this piece - the colours are just perfect for your subject and the layering is divine.

  7. Beautiful piece & I love the colors! Happy AEDM!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my AEDM post.

    This is a wonderful piece, really drawn to the Kokopelli figures.