Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Selections--at the Baltimore Aquarium

Taken in 2005 and 2009--The aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland has a rainforest in its roof.  Although none of these photos were taken there, it is an amazing place, with  steamy air and dripping leaves, free flying birds and even monkeys.  In the underwater exhibits there are turtles, caymans ( a species of small alligator), non-poisonous frogs and fish.
There is a huge tank, the height of the entire building, with sharks and eels and many, many other fish--and sea turtles too.
Other exhibits include the Puffins--worth the price of admission alone; they are so funny; poisonous tree frogs of brilliant  "don't touch me" colors and much more.  There is even a dolfin show!

And, yes, like with all zoos, I feel guilt and sadness for the creatures here who will live their lives behind glass and within cages and tanks--but they ARE alive, and children and adults who have never even seen the ocean can see them and witness all the diversity of life on our fragile and most wondrous planet!


  1. Thank you for sharing, I particularly like the seahorse just peeping out from behind the weed. You have reminded me of the Aquarium in Melbourne. I was fascinated by the giant skates and stingrays when I was there in 2006. I am going to Melbourne in September and I will be on my own, so I think A trip to the Aquarium is in order. Thank you

  2. Beautiful pictures .. what a great place to go. I used to go to ours when my granddaughter was younger. Now I may have to go again. Thank you for reminding me ...

    Andrea @ FRom The Sol

  3. Oh, the seahorse! the seahorse! these are gorgeous pics. I share your ambivalence about these sorts of places, too, though.

  4. All of the photos are wonderful, but I really like the seahorse.

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