Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer of Color--Baseball Nut

Baseball nut ice cream--doesn't really sound pretty, does it?  But it's a beautiful combination of dark to pink raspberry, the golden color of cashews and the beautiful shades of vanilla.  Makes me wish I liked cashews enough to try it...oh well. I painted the background with watercolor stroke brushes, the tulips were selected from a photograph and altered in Photoshop, the text and border are also brushes.


  1. Linda this is adorable. Love it. What a beautiful creation. Marvelous soft colors. Also I love the last card of you with the portrait. Fabulous. And i follow you. Thanks for your visit at my blog.
    lovely greet

  2. Beautiful digital artwork. Happy SOC, Annette x

  3. The flowers are so delicate and I like the subtle lettering.

  4. I really love those flowers!!