Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Muses--Word Art

I did not alter the wonderful poster by Shephard Fairey.  It's a work of art in its own right.  I just added the text, from Barak Obama's speech at the Al Smith Dinner in Ocrober of 2008, a month before he was elected president..  While we all might wish that he really was "born in a manger" or sent from Krypton to save us, he has done remarkably well with the daunting task of being this country's president.

but enough of that!  This quote was actually found in the "humility" section of WisdomQuotes.com, and if there's anything the president of the United States needs...


  1. Standing ovation for this one, Linda. It's timely, and well worth sharing. THANK YOU !

  2. This is truly interesting! Awesome combination.

  3. Is he a little too awesome? I wonder.
    Has he humility? Who can tell.
    Interesting and different for the word art challenge Linda. xx

  4. Lovely and Hope is the key to most of life....he had a daunting task to take on for sure.

  5. A standing ovation from me, Linda, and a very clever piece indeed.

  6. You're unique Linda!
    Big bravo!!