Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Selections--Fences

Fence in my neighborhood

Fence at a historical park on Cape Cod

Another fence in my neighborhood

Fence on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic in Orleans


  1. They're beautiful! I quite like the top one, it looks "loved", and the bottom one I have to love- I love all things ocean. :-)

  2. I love old fences. These are wonderful!

  3. I have friends who live in Cape Cod, The husband is a keen ice fisher and posts videos of his ice fishing on you tube. They are wonderful to watch.
    I do like your fnce photos, here at home we just have three strand wire fences as our property is 5 acres. I have always wanted a picket fence like the top photo ( but in better nick :) )

  4. These fences are fabulous. Thanks for show them to us. From Lizbeth on Cape Cod.