Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Progressive Design

I one of the yahoo groups I'm in we have a progressive design challenge going on. There is a leader, and she give us 5 steps--one at a time. above is my finished piece, and below are the first four steps
Step 1
arrange four papers/backgrounds on your page--2 patterned, one plain and one textured--anyway you like.
Add a quote--using at least two fonts. I used four.
Step 3
Add threee elements, three ribbons and a blended image. My blended image is a bit from another piece of mine- a face overlaid with an image of stars from the Hubble telescope. My three elements are the iris, a peacock feather and the gold star. The ribbons are along the bottom.
Step 4
Add a swirl, and three elements from Nature, which can be repeated as you like. I added a blue swirl, a butterfly, dragonfly and spray of green leaves.

Step 5 (the top image, above)
Add two frames and a title. My frames are around the whole image and adound the quote. My title is "Dreamer."

If you'd like to join the group, it's arttechniquesdigital

There are challenges and tutorials, and a great group of digital artists here.


  1. All I can say is "Wow"!! I am so unstructured with my hybrids and digital art! I may have to go check your group out - thanks for the link!!

  2. This is lovely, Linda, and it is so fascinating to see the stages you went through to create it.