Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just for fun--Rainbow bees

I came across a wonderful texture-y photo of a honeycomb, by Freebees, on a Flickr site, Almost Totally Free to Use Images, and knew right away I had to explore it. (WHOA, lot of commas in that sentence!) I also have this great bee illustration from DoubleM at Totally Free Collage Images, another Flickr group. I've used it before as a background element but never starred it.
A couple of texture pieces from T4L, yet another Flickr group--I LOVE the talented people here who enthusiastically share their art--these pieces are by JFreznel and LeslieNicole, along with a rainbow gradient from ScrapbookFlair and a photoshop text brush made it complete


  1. This is a lovely collage, with great colors, only these are not bees, they are moths.

  2. THat's what I thought too, but the original illustrations said Bee...
    Oh well.