Thursday, February 4, 2016

Journal 52 Week 5

This week's prompts are Psychedelic and Monochrome.

My pieces wanted to be  "not Quite..."  so my colors are bright, but not quite psychedelic. amd my monochrome blues cried for a little white and green.

what can one do when one's muse is calling, "go this way, please."

The not quite psychedelic colors are collage papers from Crowabout studio, cut up and pasted over painted book pages, then scribbled and marked with black pen and white correction fluid pen.

The monochrome blue base was made cleaning my brush after painting another piece, then rubbed with a baby wipe,  I applied some washi tape, but later removed it, tearing up a layer of paint.  The flowers were scribbled with watercolor crayons and the same correction fluid pen. the scribbled journaling is my answer to the above question about the says "say yes" over and over again.