Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DigitalMania--in the Style of Kanchan Mahon

​Kanchan Mahon is a self taught artist using the medium of hand-cut paper collage. 

Her art is quixotic, vibrant and otherworldly. Images are combined with intricate pattern, rich texture.

The qualities and concepts embodied by butterflies, flowers and birds infuse these pieces with the rich symbolism of the natural world.   These women dream of flight, like the birds they see,  They  long for change and to transform themselves, as do  moths and butterflies.  There is a flowering of self.  

​In these  couplings  of myth and psyche her art celebrates the loveliness and liveliness of women.  
She calls these images of vivid color and intricate detailed patterns "Dream Images.”  

Here are some pieces created in her style.  Portraits found on Google search , Mannerist paintings, the rest are bits from various Mischief Circus kits and my collection.

Dark Spot in the Brightness

Oriental Poppy