Friday, January 2, 2015

documented Life Project 2015 First week spread

First step, the January theme--conquering the blank page!
I began by coating the pages with black gesso, scraped on with a plastic card.  I accidentally bought a quart of the stuff, but I am loving the tarry blackness!
second step was the weekly prompt--use book pages and text paper!
I tore up some strips of dictionary pages and a grammar school workbook (love the pulpy "arithmetic paper" as we used to call it at St. Leo's.  Also punched some 2" circles from said pages, and glued them down. 
 Left overnight to both dry and percolate in my head.
Third step, added some azure blue, lime green and bright yellow with a cosmetic sponge, then stenciled with white and colors.
To finish the left side of the spread I printed and cut out the words I had written a few days ago, about what I hope to achieve in the new year 

The right side of the spread was made in the same steps, but with cutouts from an art magazine, a clothing label and a blob of dried paint from inside the cover of a tube of white acrylic.


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  1. Goodness, Linda. You are taking this project to heart. I love the pages and the cover you created in the post below, and these pages are amazing. Love the fact you used collage and magazine images.