Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ICADS Days 20-24

Day 20
 map, text from a movie poster and security envelope

 Day 21
 map and old postage stamps

Day 21
stamped background, sort of a rainbow and text, from a magazine

Day 23
another kind of a rainbow, found on Google and cut apart; background colored with ink pads

Day 24
Same image. cut differently; ink pad colored background.


  1. I really like the abstract pattern on the inside of that envelope. It works really well with the map and other elements.

  2. Love the composition on all of these, Linda - especially the map.

  3. Linda, I've just had a tour of your ICADS, Some fun creations. It took me a while to figure to what ICAD was but I did finally get it (from your sidebar). You've given me a great idea about cutting a face apart and putting it almost back together. Cheers, Marilyn

  4. I'm terribly behind, and trying to catch up. I simply LOVE these beauties. The ones with the maps are especially fun for me. You have a great imagination and an even better art sense. These are all simply fabulous.