Monday, June 2, 2014

ICAD # 1, 2

Going with the weekly prompt--using text.

Gelli print, stencil and stamping

background is painted with a sponge, stencil and white pen, text clipped from an old book


  1. oh wow! these are ♥AWESOME♥ missus!!! and so is your haiku card, below! you are ICADing your clever little heart out! ps: i never thought of using a photo album, that is really brilliant! (on the other hand, for some reason, i LOVE making little books!!!) happy june, happy icad, happy summer! ♥

  2. good gelli-print bakground! and fun to find you blog while I was looking to find a way to thank you for your watercolor card, MMSA. Zentangle and yes, a beautiful green! Hope your spring is this lively!

  3. A really effective use of text and I especially like the second picture.