Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Muses--Why I create

I have been creating art, in many forms, since I can remember--paper and crayons, scissors and glue, fabric and thread, glass and clay, stone and string. Photoshop and digital camera...
To create is a drive, an aspiration, a need, a WONDER.  It's a way to explore, not only the many, many media available, but to explore the world, and an attempt to embrace and explain.
There is color and light, texture, words and images, broad strokes and delicate lines--the tools we use to explore and explain and interpret what we see--AND--what we feel.
I photograph, and often use those images as a jumping off point...
I create digital images out of color and light...
I (try to) tell stories and illustrate feelings...
I create mail art and send it into the real world...
I journal to explore my own soul...

Here are some of my favorite pieces, in no particular order
my photo, with texture frame added.

brushes and text and a googled image (I made it big so you can read the wonderful quotes.

my photo, altered. and a brush altered with rust

my photo with a texture

painted with PS brushes

one of the first images I collected, altered with textures.

an illustration of a New Year's word of intent.

mail art (Digital)

Exuberance and joy in our creations


  1. Linda, these are fabulous. I love the wide range of colors and styles and textures you use in your art. I look forward to seeing more beautiful creations from you!

  2. What a delight to see your art. As Sherry said you cover many styles but the finished result is always exquisite! xx

  3. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous expressions of your artistic talent, Linda. I've been enjoying your work for a long time now, and always look forward to your "take" on the challenges. Loud applause for these examples!!

  4. What a lovely post Linda, and how nice it is to see some of your past artwork, which I hadn't seen before, with so many different ways you create your art.

  5. You are very talented artest Linda - and you are able to create many kind of styles of art. Exquisite works, Linda!

  6. This is such a spectacular post! I love seeing all of your work. I especially like the last two. Dancing is pure joy, and to me, coffee is the nectar of the gods!

  7. I am inspired and excited by your entries this week, Linda, and your affirmations hit the nail on the head. May I say, I am in love with your Rain piece. One hundred standing ovations, my friend.

  8. Great collection of favorites and I so agree with your words.

  9. Wow, your work never fails to leave me breathless, Linda! Bravo!