Monday, March 12, 2012

52 Starlets--the 40's--Katharine Hepburn and Hedy Lamarr

I chose these two actresses, not because they are favorites of mine, -although Hepburn certainly is- or because they are fine actresses-they both are.
 I chose both because of positively radiant, gorgeous portraits I found.  I hope I did them justice.

Kate was done in Photoshop CS3 using Impressionist filters.

Hedy was done with Fotosketcher layers and blended in PSE8.


  1. Linda,
    I think you did a fantastic job and completely did justice to these to lovely portraits. Hedy Lamar is a favorite of mine and your piece of her looks GORGEOUS!
    Thanks for joining the 52 Starlet Art challenge during 40s week.

  2. These are wonderful and two of my favorites especially Kate!