Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yahoo Group Progressive challenge

I am in the process of becoming the proud mommy of a yahoo group focused on digital art.  The present owner is stepping down, and it's a small but excellent group and I couldn't let it die.  There are tutorials, challenges, themes, digital and physical swaps--last year we swapped digital journal pages, you may have seen some of mine here.  This year we are swapping real postcards--actually mailing them to each other.  There is a place to add links to cool sites, and a place to post your digital work.  You can offer suggestions for any of the activities, ask or answer technical questions, lurk, and just generally share and admire our work.
People at all skill levels are welcome--we all are still learning and growing.
Here's the link to the group if you'd like to join.

The above piece is the final of a four step progressive challenge.
Step 1 was take two background pieces, one text and one architectural, and combine and blend them in your own magical way. 
Step 2 was to add a "human element" duplicate it , alter it, change the perspective, whatever.
Step 3 was to add a texture layer.
Step 4 was to add some Photoshop brushwork.

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  1. I love this! I love seeing a father holding the hand of his child and walking. You've presented their progression wonderfully, and the layering is perfect.