Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Texture Tuesday--Ecstasy

Misunderstood the Texture Tuesday Challenge.  This one 's right.

Several years ago I traveled to central Maine with a friend to attend some local dogsled races.  It was a cold, but wonderful experience, and I would go again..  It's amazing how happy these dogs are and how much they LOVE to run!
My photo, 2 layers, bottom normal, top multiply,. Kim's texture, Embrace, two layers,both Multiply, with Hue adjustments.  Kim's texture Cosmo, also set to Multiply.

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  1. Love that action shot. The texture looks good with it.

  2. Linda as great composition. Cheers

  3. It looks like wonderful fun! The textures look great. I just hope you had a warm, winter coat on! :)

  4. Love the photo and your editing is perfect!