Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Big Thank You to Elizabeth!

If you have had the opportunity to visit with Elizabeth Golden on her blog, you will know exactly what I'm going on about...

I discovered Elizabeth in my early days venturing into altered and digital art, her work astounded me, and spoke to me in a voice I understood. I happily followed her example and so far have not looked back!

In a group I belong to our challenges have recently been to try and create art pieces "in the style of" various artists. We have seen Dali, Teesha Moore, Rob Gonzales, Klimt, Suzanne Sbarge and Banksy. This time we are challenged to use one of our own favorites and to work in their style.

Elizabeth, I hope you don't mind that I chose your style to emulate.

Elizabeth is a collagist, journaller and journal maker, as well as a magnificent photographer. From her blog, The last Door...Down the Hall, I have learned that she enjoys travelling by car around the Amercan south and finding the the most amazing and beautiful images of small town country life and the forgotton and abandonded pieces of the past all around her. And as though these photos weren't already so special, she enhances them digitally just enough to raise them to pure works of art.

Hats off to you, Elizabeth.

This photo is my own, tahen in Santa Fe several years ago. As I learn from Elizabeth's eye, I am revisiting a lot of my older photographs and giving them new life.


  1. How wonderful to use your own photographs. Great work!

  2. Super tribute to Elizabeth and I certainly agree with you about her amazing eye and interesting blog. She is a wonderfully generous artist, too.

  3. Oh sweet girl how you have flattered me. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am speechless. Your photographs are beautiful. I particularly love the little mailbox. It definitely speaks. Thank you so much!

  4. Elizabeth's blog is one of my own favorite haunts, and I've had her bookmarked for a couple of years. I share your enthusiasm for her art, her photography, and her wonderful outlook on life. Your work here is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Digital collage, its something I'm really thinking I should be trying out. it looks such fun!