Sunday, September 11, 2011


Just back from a week on Cape Cod. No computer, but there were sunny days, rainy days, beautiful sunsets, amazing fog, sandy beaches to walk, crashing waves on the ocean side, quaint villages and Provincetown. A lovely relaxing trip--rest, reading good books, eating good food, lots of photography...
...but, nice to be home again.

Here's my pink postcard. Thanks to Gaby Braun, the Graphics Fairy, Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse, and all the folks who create and share their fabulous Photoshop brushes.


  1. I would love the chance to walk on a sandy beach, but isn't going to happen this year. Your postcard is pink and sweet. :^)

  2. WOW this is just so stunning! Amazing interpretation of the theme!

  3. What a lovely, delicate card ... and thank you for sharing a bit about your Cape Cod trip!

  4. I love this! The mood you've created is so serene. She's just adorable!