Sunday, August 7, 2011

Take a word--Faces

Faces I Remember

with apologies to the Beatles...

There are faces I'll remember, all my life,
Though some have changed.
Some for ever and for better,
Some have gone and some remain...

You may remember seeing some of these faces in my artwork over the past few years. I find I come back to them, again and again. They inspire me with their eyes, their smiles, their stoic expressions , but most of all with their humanity.
A big thank you to the people in these photos, the photographers who created them, the people who preserved them and the people who share them with all of us.

Thanks also to mbgrigby, spekoral addendun and vintage fingings at Textures for Layers Flickr group, and to Elizabeth Golden of The Last Door Down the Hall blog, for all the bits that are woven into the background and texture.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Lovely memories, so meaningful for you, Linda, beautiful collage of faces!

  2. So beautiful Linda, to see all these faces, so full of character and meaning. And I heartily agree with your Thank you's. Where would we be without them?
    Take a bow! xx

  3. Lovely arrangement for precious memories

  4. Wonderful faces, Linda! What a nice tribute to those who have gone before and preserved these marvelous photos.

  5. What a beautiful and moving compilation of faces and reminders of your wonderful art. They are each so unique and expressive. Bravo Linda!

  6. It's adorable that you took this challenge to homage all the people that in some way made it possible for us to do our collages. Brilliant piece!

  7. They make a wonderful collage. I especially like the old gal without any teeth.

  8. This piece is truly special, Linda. I so frequently avail myself of images that have been put "out there" through the generosity of other artists. I, too, appreciate them all. This is a beautiful homage to those faces.