Sunday, May 22, 2011


What a great theme! So specific, but look at all the very different renditions of the bird!

The storks are an illustration by Edward Lear. I found it on a wonderful site called Resuable It's full of old illustrations and pictures, all in the public domain. Go visit--you'll be amazed at the treasures to be found!
The background was made with a googled postcard image, a texture piece from UR_2 and a watercolor texture from Joyce's Photo Album at T4L. The rest is blending and brushes.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Love your "real" postcard with your gaggle of storks and the beautifully soft muted background.

  2. What a fabulous postcard. Love the BG treatment on this

  3. It's really beautiful, Linda, and thanks for the tip about

  4. I agree - this is so beautiful - so soft and etherial! I am so impressed by your digital art - I have NO idea how to do that ;) Thanks for sharing that great site too, xo