Saturday, May 21, 2011

soartful challenge-Steampunk

I loved the background that Jeanette provided this week. steampunk fascinates me, but I'm still not sure I get it. I did find a fabulous source for steampunk bits. It's the Sum of all Crafts blog and you should visit.
I used some bits from Temari09 at T4L, and from Cecilia Swatton's Spoonpunk kit, as well as some brushes. The steampunk gentleman is a bit from an older piece of mine.


  1. Oh oh. Your picture isn't showing. I click on the box where the picture should be and get a Google error saying it can't find it. I'll check back later. It's probably Google freaking out again!

  2. The first photo isn't showing up. Like Bill said it is saying there is an error. But the second picture is AWESOME!!!! Love it!

  3. I think you got the steampunk very well. Your piece is beautiful and elegant. The rooster on the arm of the gentleman gives a touch of grace to it.