Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Muses--Favorite Artist--Frida

She comes immediately to mind.

I don't even really like her work, but Frida Kahlo epitomizes who and what I think of as an artist--someone who won't be distracted or swayed from her path and the desire, the NEED to create. Her life was not easy or painless, but she lived to her fullest and created a remarkable and fascinating body of work.

The photo was googled, the Self Portrait with Monkey is her own work, a background piece by Muffet at Textures for Layers ana gradient and PS brushes for texture and depth.


  1. Yes, I agree that all artists have that 'need' to create, to be working on or at something continually!!
    Sue xx

  2. I always enjoy seeing other artists' vision of Frida. She painted her heart and soul into each of her pieces. I always think she would be pleased to know shhe has been an inspiration to so many other women. Thanks for sharing you beautiful work.

  3. What an interesting Frida study! I had not seen the photograph. She was really more attractive than she painted herself to be! The background is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda, you did a perfect job here of blending and layering to create something special. And thank you for showing us the true Frida too.

  5. Did anyone so beautifully and so brutally capture herself as Frida? She is the perfect choice of artist and you have done her proud with your beautiful, dreamy collage. The layering is spectacular.