Friday, January 21, 2011

Alphabet Inspired-G is for Garden

Up to G and still going...YAY Me!

This piece was totally inspired by the quote, which is by Robert Brault. I found it on the Quote Garden site--one of my go to places for inspiration. I had never heard of Robert Brault, so I visited his website He is a free lance writer from Connecticut, and is quite the quotemaster. I'm now following his blog, and from the little I've read, it will be an enlightening and fun journey.

The woman is from a painting by Toulouse Lautrec; the garden scene is from a Park Seed Catalog; and there's a texture piece from Temari09 at T4L in there. I used Photoshop blending modes, filters and layer styles, as well as copious applications of the eraser tool.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love that quote and your collage is so beautiful. Lovely work. I like your idea of an alphabet inspired work. Would you mind if I pinched that idea? When (and if) I finish the alphabet I can make them into a book. I have lots of books I've had printed of various things I've done.
    Keeps me amused, anyway.
    Love xx

  2. I've made a start Linda! I've done A and put it on the blog. I've also given you a mention.
    Hugs xx