Saturday, July 10, 2010

All that Jazz

A new warm-up theme from the Digital Montage Yahoo group. The class begins on the 19th.
Musical themes are always interesting--how to convey the idea of music in a visual piece. When I think of Jazz, my mind always turns first to New Orleans, and the traditional jazz style. Louie Armstrong is such an icon in this genre, both as a trumpeter and a singer.

Thanks to Pareerica of T4L for the piano keys background. other texture pieces are from Aqueous Sun and Zen Textures. The images are from Google and Wikimedia Commons

Cool Jazz soothes my just makes me go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

This image was found on Google Images, and altered with filters. The rest is done with brushes and more filters.


  1. these are really great, I see them as posters!!

  2. Both are wonderful pieces - the older generation of Jazz and the new. My son is a professional Jazz saxophonist and his photos are always great inspiration for art. Your work here is really outstanding and visually moving. Thanks Linda for all of your lovely comments- I never want to take them for granted - your art and words are always inspiring to me!