Saturday, July 17, 2010

ACF & 4 x 4 Friday--In the Garden

I haven't had the wherewithall to do much creatively this past week--too much to do at work, nasty heat and humidity and a lot of ambient stress in the air--made it difficult to concentrate, and my efforts were so feeble I didn't even save them...

When I saw the beautiful melancholy woman chosen for us this week at Art Creations Friday I knew she belonged in a garden, to ease her mind. The 4x4 Friday challenge gave me the colors that might cheer her. She's still sad amidst the wisteria, but she has fond memories to keep her company.
Thanks to Lukasb32, Abby Lanes and Amberb92 at T4L for the textures and colors, and to Dover and Google Images for the other elements. Some Photoshop brushes and lots of filters and blending completed the piece.