Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seven Gifts # 4 The Appreciation of the Experience of all Life

This one of the seven gifts that come from working from your inner world had a lot of trouble taking form. Imagine the struggle to try and explore "all life" within a 6 x 6 frame.

The elements I chose to explore are the innocence and "tabula rasa" that is the realm of children and the wisdom and joy that come with living a full life... and, of course, the natural world, which is the very abode of all our lives.

There's also, I hope, a glimpse of the spiritual life here too, the realm of illuminating light, inspiration and the peace that comes with understanding.

The image of the children is aper of a painting by Reubens; the beautiful old face was Googled. the rest is all photoshop-gradients, brushes, filters and styles.
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