Friday, February 19, 2010

4 x4 Friday--Crow Woman

This week's theme is Crow Lady, perhaps to give the women equal time with King Raven. My inspitation went from crow lady to Crow Woman, and thence to Native American imagery.
I don't know if there was, or is, an actual Crow Woman, but I hope so. in Native American mythology, the crow is ingenious and charming, romantic and nurtuting, patient and intuitive. Sonds like a woman to me.
The background layers came from Emmacox at Textures for Layers and a couple of scrapbooking freebie sites I found a long time ago, and wish I could find again. The crow was Googled, as were the woman and the symbols and pictographs


  1. This is beautiful and symbolic Linda - she has the wisdom and character of a true crow woman! Wonderful 4x4!

  2. What a wonderful 4x4, Linda. I love the idea of the Native American image.

  3. OH,WOW! This is fabulous. Her face seems just perfect for this.

  4. Fantastic imagery. Congratulations