Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soartful Challenge--background provided

This week's Soartful challenge was to use this background, by Jeanette and make of it what we would. This is what I made.

I used a texture by Nancee art at Textures for Layers; the hand was Googled, and some filters and PS brushes.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Brilliant creation - the background does look very hot and fiery. Love that you have found hope among the ruins - cheers!!

  2. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing a bit of light and your creativity this week.

  3. love your idea here...i too thought of bushfires when i first saw this background!

  4. Oh, Linda,

    I didn't get this lovely artwork for Soartful.
    I can't explain what happened. No wonder you haven't sent an entry in awhile, you thought I was ignoring you.

    I've taken this lovely image and added it to the gallery. So sorry.

  5. A stunning piece! your blog ad your art.